----Janene HIggins
video performance

----Multiple video projections mixed and manipulated live
----with musicians and/or performers.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[HOME]

-----Janene HIggins and Zeena Parkins at The 13th Media Arts Biennale in Wroclaw, Poland.

selected shows:

Persistence of Vision, video & chamber orchestra, in collaboration with composer Elliott Sharp
------- "Sonic Visions" festival, Kulturzentrum franz.K
----------- Reutlingen, Germany, April 2012

Duo with Elliott
------- Roulette, NYC, December 2010

Performance with Dafna Naphtali, Darius Jones, & Mike Pride
-------Monkeytown, Brooklyn, June 2009

Wet Dream and City Rosebud with Zeena Parkins
------- WRO '09 "Expanded City": 13th Media Arts Biennale
-----------Wroclaw, Poland, May 2009

Wet Dream with Zeena Parkins
------- The Stone, NYC , March 2008

Duo with Mari Kimura
------- "Laplandia" series, Issue Project Room, NYC , September 2007

Duo with Mari Kimura
------- "Optosonic Tea" series, Diapason Gallery, NYC , March 2007

Duo with Elliott Sharp
------- "Couplings" series, Issue Project Room, NYC , February 2007

Duo with Ikue Mori
----- - Harvestworks Symposium, "Who's in Control?", at Eyebeam, NYC, February 2006

Duo with Aki Onda
------ RAKE, Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY, Feb 2006

Duo with Elliott Sharp
------ FESTIVAL HI-TeCa, Oporto Portugal, September 2004

Suspension with Elliott Sharp
------ CHELSEA ART MUSEUM, NYC, April 2004

Performance for the opening of the "Suspension" installation

The New York Press sez...

Trio with Katt Hernandez (violin) and Nicole Bindler (dance)
------ ZEITGEIST GALLERY, Boston, November 2003

Interference with dancers
Fine Kwiatkowski, Nigel Charnock, & David Zambrano
------ CONCEPTS OF DOING Festival, Stuttgart Germany, November 2003

Duo with Okkyung Lee
------ ROBERT BECK MEMORIAL CINEMA, New York City, June 2003

Remington Khan with Alan Licht
------ MARIANNE BOESKY GALLERY, New York City, December 2002

Fire Escape with Elliott Sharp
------ Vasistas Festival, Theatre LaChapelle, Montreal, March 2002

Arch with Zeena Parkins
------ Roulette TV broadcast (performance + interview) NYC, May 2001

Artificial Eye with Zeena Parkins
------ "Extempore" festival at Documenta X, Kassel, Germany. August 1997